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Collen Lear Hosford
Shared Messages For many years, Colleen has shared her inspirations and talent for writing to celebrate Christmas and special occasions in the lives of family and friends.

In this collection of messages, we can enjoy a look into her life and ponder thoughts which help us better understand our Christian faith.

She is a poet….not always with rhymes, but with messages.  She has a way of catching you up in moments of discovering simple truths in new ways.

Colleen grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She married Patrick Hosford while they attended the University of Oklahoma. Colleen and Pat enjoy their three grown sons, their wives, and nine grandchildren with many living close to them in The Woodlands, Texas. Colleen has taught and helped develop Christian curriculum for children.
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Colleen’s new poem for those who love dogs!


How wonderful it is
When a dog decides to be
Part of your life
Giving love you can see.

She has her desires
Like food, treats and a good run,
But what makes her happy
Is when you say “come”!

Her vocabulary expands
As you teach new words
Responding when you say
“outside”, “toy” or “birds”!

Oh the joy she shows
By just being near
And sitting together
While rubbing her ear.

She somehow lets you know
Without any words to speak,
Her actions and looking eyes
Express what she seeks.

Her eyes show love
When she looks at you.
It’s really amazing
No matter what you do.

God, your gift of a dog
Is a wonderment, it’s true.
Her unconditional love
Reminds us of You!


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